Super Day Six

Day 6 was SUPER!!!!  We spent today working on super heroes and their public personas, powers and their universes.  Today we dissected popular super heroes such as Iron Man, Batman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man. We examined their strengths, weaknesses and their villains. Then we watched a clip from The Incredibles where the Supers discuss their every day lives. We studied the hero’s journey and even watched a neat TedTalk about it.
We then were tasked to create our own super hero/heroine and their worlds. We shared them out in Author’s Chair before lunch. Our characters were SUPER!
We also voted on the covers for this year’s anthology- they were all so creative, but it was clear which one was the winner! Congratulations to Emily our cover designer!
During lunch/free time some of us went on a hunt for treasures and came back with snail shells and feathers. Tomorrow we are going to paint them! Some of us went to the gym and played volleyball and others played basketball. In the afternoon we worked on our Super Hero stories. Some people created comics, others devised stories that featured their super heroes battling villains, and a few composed backstories on their super hero’s rise to power. We also worked together on our anthology entries and worked with partners to edit.
The author’s chair was full of Super Heroes of all kinds and because of them, they will surely make the world a safer place to live.
Lesson Learned: “Creating your own heroes takes planning, sketching and a backstory!”-Anna
Quote of the Day: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell

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