Get to the Point of View

Day Seven was Spectacular!
This morning we made a list of events from our lives or stories/historical events that we are familiar with. Ms. Courtney reviewed with us the terms First Person Point of View and Third Person Limited Point of View. In the middle of her lesson, there was a loud banging on the door and someone wearing a paper bag came in the room throwing confetti! He threw confetti all over us and then hopped over the table, knocking all the markers over.
We then wrote about “the event” and shared it out. It was amazing how each one of us had a different perspective of what just happened. We then learned about how to craft a stories from different perspectives.
We wrote our stories from one perspective and then shared them out in the authors chair. Some of the characters were animals and others were personified objects! Then we watched a video about perspectives of a situation. It was so funny! Afterwards, we revisited our stories and then wrote them from a new perspective. It was neat how knowing someone else’s version of the story changed the reader’s view!
The afternoon was spent revising and working on our anthologies. We also are working on our Ice Camp Celebration. Don’t forget it will be at 1pm on Friday! We are so excited to share our stories with our parents. We have been working so hard! Don’t forget that the celebration will be across the street at the elementary side of the school.
Reminder: Tomorrow Corbett has $1 Polar Pops, if you want one, bring in money.
Reminder: Wear your camp shirts on Friday
Lesson Learned: “Perspective greatly influences the story.” – Ahren & Felize
Quote of the Day: “How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you are standing on.”- Mr. Bobby

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