Whole New Worlds

We had a fun filled Friday! This morning, Ms. Stacey gave us pictures of different settings and were asked to write a description of our setting.  We then discussed several stories that had created their own worlds like Harry Potter, Star Wars and Narnia. We viewed a reading of the children’s book Weslandia by Paul Fleischman which is a story about a young boy named Wesley who creates his own pretend world.  Then we spent time writing and creating our own worlds. We had author’s chair and heard about many magical lands that now exist out of our memories. We worked on our anthologies some more and paid attention to revising our work.
After lunch, we went outside and played an epic game of tag and then Ms. Courtney taught us a game called “Cat in the Corner”.  We had a lot of fun!  Our afternoon lesson focused on using more specific nouns to describe words and we were tasked to review the nouns in our writing. Then we broke in to revision partners and worked on editing our work some more.  The stories we have now have really developed since our first drafts.
Reminder: Anthology cover submissions are due on Monday.
Lesson of the Day:  “Worlds are an important part of writing.”- Feliz
Quote of the Day: “I’m having a Dickens of a time.”- Peter

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