Fiction, Fun and Freeze Rays

Day four was filled with fun and fictitious characters!
This morning, Mr. Bobby led us in an epic battle called, Ninjas, Freeze Ray and Gorillas.  It was like Rock, Paper, Scissors, but way more fun. We got our ICE Camp t-shirts today and then we took several group pictures and pictures of our individual tables with our table leaders.
We learned today that Interesting Personality + Interesting Situation= Interesting Story.We then drafted a list of characters and words that would describe each of them and actions that they would do that would portray their characteristics.  We acted out how certain characters would act and pretended to be those characteristics on a roller coaster. We then drafted a list of situations and figured out how to make them more interesting. Our partners helped ask questions to create more interesting scenarios for us. We then spent time crafting our stories. Authors’ chair this morning was filled with interesting personalities and interesting situations so we had a ton of interesting stories!
Lunch time was a blast as we played tag and basketball in the gym, had a great game of Apples to Apples with new friends and some of us watched cute videos of animals. One group even saw a garden snake outside!
In the afternoon we revised our work and started building our anthology entries.  Some of us edited, some of us were drafting, some of us were typing our entries throughout the afternoon. People were really focused on making the best anthology we have had so far.  Next Monday we are supposed to turn in our anthology cover artwork and our campmates get to vote to choose this year’s cover. Some of the sketches look amazing.
In the afternoon, we had author’s chair and shared some of our stories that we had been working on. They are really coming along!
Quote of the Day: “Gorilla Beats Ninja.”
Lesson Learned: “Interesting Personality + Interesting Situation = Interesting Story”

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