It’s Pouring Words

Day three was a terrific success. Not only was it pouring outside for most of the day, but the writing was pouring out of us. This morning for Writing Warm Up, we looked at how we could revise the sentence “The car lands awkwardly, causing it to roll.” We struggled with revising it- it was so difficult. Then Ms. Mari had us try again, this time it was much easier! Then we partnered up and worked together to revise new sentences and make them more visually descriptive. Once we finished, we joined our groups and chose the best ones and made a poster. We spent the next few minutes doing a gallery walk looking at all of the great new sentences. They were amazing!
She then told us about Moe’s Café- it was so repulsive! We had to write about a filthy café in the middle of no where and create stories with them.  She gave us questions to answer like “What does the floor look like?”, “What’s on the menu?”  “What smells can you identify?” and “What does the cook look like?”  We then crafted our stories.  We could write wherever we wanted to.  Some of us headed to the art room, some of us wrote on the stairs, some of us even stretched out and wrote on top of tables!
Lunchtime was filled not only with delicious lunches (unlike the ones served at Moe’s Café), but it was also filled with board games, walks around the property, bonding with new friends, sports in the rec hall and some quiet writing.   When we got back, we did the Cha Cha slide in order to get our minds active again.
We then began revising our stories about Moe’s café. We focused on effectively using adjectives and adverbs in order to avoid redundancy.These stories were disgustingly good!
During our author’s chair we shared out our revised stories. Everyone had such different interpretation of Moe’s Café. Sharing out our writing has become very fun and we love to celebrate each other’s writing.
Quote of the Day: “A wastebasket is a writers best friend.”- Ms. Mari
Lessons Learned:
“It’s just as easy to under describe something than to over describe it.”
“Working with others in writing gives you perspective.”

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