In Camp We Believe

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 9.06.52 PM.pngToday was a fabulous first day of camp! We met our tablemates, made writing notebooks and name cards and then we did an activity where we wrote “10 Things We Believe”.   We then had a chance to get up in front of our campmates and sit in the author’s chair and read our writing. Ms. Mari asked us to go back to our list and then revise or create a work from one of our ten things we believe. Wow! We had some creative stories and poems that we shared.
We spent the afternoon bonding with our tablemates and making team names and posters. We have “The Sophisticated Seedlings,” “The Cookie Dough Cake Pops,” “The Hipster Whales,” “The Alder Elders” and “Bobby’s Belching Burger Boys of Braceville.”  We presented our teams and our posters so that we could get to know everyone better.    We had lunch and free time, took walks and ran around, it was a lot of fun.
Then we did a game where we tried to get to know everyone’s name! It was so hard, but we finally did it!
At the end of the day, we went back to our tables and did a pass around story. We each started in our notebooks with the sentence “On the first day of camp…”  then we passed the notebooks and the next person continued the story. It went around the whole table and they were so funny! We chose one from our group to share.
It was a great day first day of camp!
Reminders: Bring your favorite novel or book with your favorite character in it tomorrow.
Quote of the Day:  “Writing doesn’t come immediately, nor alone.”
Lesson Learned:  “Everything you write is a rough draft. Even after the deadline.”

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