Characterize Your Summer

It was a successful second day of ICE Camp!  Today we began by writing about our favorite characters we have.  We describe why we liked them and analyzed their characteristics.  We then shared them with our tablemates.  Ms. Jessica had us write about ourselves as characters.  We responded to questions about ourselves like “I think about..”, “I dream about…”  “I feel like…” “I say things like…”, “I do things like…” and “Other people love that I am…”  We learned how these internal and external thoughts and ideas can help create a character.  We then did some freewriting about one or more of the topics.   We then did a character sketch of a character we could write about.  We created everything about them including their strengths, weakness, backstory and even sketched out what they looked like.   We had some creative and complex characters.
After we worked on our character sketches, we put them into a story.   We worked on the stories for quite a while– everyone was into it because we didn’t even realize that it was lunch time!   Wow!  The day flew by so fast!   After lunch we worked on our scenes some more and then took to the author’s chair to share out our scenes.   So many incredible stories!   These characters we created really seemed to come alive in their scenes!
We had a brain break in the afternoon and played Ships and Sailors.
Then we worked with new partners on getting creative feedback on our writing. At the end of the day we shared out our stories and we were impressed with how far they have come!
Quotes of the day:
“A blanket of quiet covered this city.”- Eesha
“I only went to the author’s chair to make her stop singing.”- Emily
Lesson Learned:
“Characterization can extend to body language and subconscious actions.”- Felize

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