I.C.E. Writer Sarah Frank Publishes Novel

I.C.E. Writer Alum of many years and current Blake High School Creative Writing student Sarah Frank has published a novel! All those summers spent writing have really paid off. “Once Chance” is a middle grade books (4th-7th) and follows Sandy, Brian and the other orphans as they head off on a time travel adventure with the magical Stone of Discedo. Journey back in time to Ford’s Theatre, the Titanic, and Pearl Harbor as part of their quest to find out why Sandy’s parents abandoned her.

“Time can be a tricky thing. If you get lost, you don’t come back. If you get killed, you can’t change it. If you mess with it, not even your family will remember your name, because you’re lost in time forever.”

Sarah’s books is available for order here:

$14.45 delivered for Paperback https://www.bealubooks.com/product/one-chance-paperback/

$25.45 delivered Hardcover: https://www.bealubooks.com/product/one-chance-hardcover/

You can also follow her on Instagram at @SarahFrankAuthor and like her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SarahFrankAuthor

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