Spellbound at I.C.E. Camp

Week two started with a spell. Words are powerful things. They spellbind us. We explored the way important objects look, sound, and feel and then considered the questions we have about them and how the light plays with them. All these add up to the six room poem prompt from Miss Betty. But wait, you counted only five rooms. Where is the sixth. Just like the sixth sense, it pops up when we least expect it and repeats itself. Yep, the last room gets us caught in a vortex of three. We repeat, repeat, repeat an important word or line three times. The ideas inspired us to consider poems as counterspells to the evils of the world. How can we undo the actions we dislike or disarm the bullies or mean girls of the world? With words of course! Between collaboration and rap composing, this was a full day. Not bad for the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!

Quote of the day: “Did the bears tease you for your shiny heinie?” (this connects tangentially with light…)

Lesson Learned: Poetry is easy to write when you start with nouns.

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