Writing From Within

Write. Write. Write. Write. We spent the morning working on new stories. The
time flew as we crafted tales of fantasy and truth. Miss Jessica had us consider
the way we, as authors, are always in the subtext of our stories. She then had
us take a break from our own writing to read poetry by famous poets like Maya
Angelou, Pablo Neruda, and James Berry. We went on a scavenger hunt to identify
literary devices and figurative language. We thought about the language we use
to express our emotions.

After lunch, we considered the emotions we displayed in our writing. We created
found poetry out of our own writing to translate our prose into poetry. A pretty
neat trick if we do say so ourselves.

Since we wrote imaginatively and creatively today, our quote embodies all of our
fictional thinking:

Quote: “My body fat covered my ears.”

Lesson Learned: Everything you write comes from within.

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