Hunting for Nonfiction

Meateater is REAL nonfiction. We learned about an author today who documents his experiences as a hunter, outdoorsman, and cook. Who is this mountain man? Steven Rinella. Miss Tedra made it real today with her lesson on non-fiction. She picked up the passion from yesterday as we explored our true passions. Campers wrote about baseball, tiny homes, legos, a capella singing, soccer, swimming, wake boarding, and more! No shortage of interests here! We broke off to the lab to add facts and statistics to our writing to boost the non-fiction aspect. We explored other methods to include detail by adding DRAPES (dialogue, rhetorical questions, analogy, personal experiences, examples, and statistics). A full day indeed.

After our delectable lunch of pizza, we regrouped with a new revision buddy to give and receive feedback on our pieces from today or the ones we want to see published in the anthology. With so much action, there is no wonder about our quotes and lessons today.

Quote of the Day: “Don’t be offended, just weep uncontrollably.”

Lesson Learned: Non-fiction is more fun to write when you write with passion.

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