A Sweet Spot at Shorecrest

A camp record: we have had all campers in the author’s chair already! Our usually recalcitrant writers took the seat and shared their brilliance. The images, details, and dialogue created a new world.

Miss Franki had us look over our lives as writers by remembering books we had read that influenced our lives. Miss Tedra was in a writing frenzy with her collection of titles that brought her whole life into perspective. Some of us started in prose and ended in poetry as we found our sweet spots and literary memories. It turns out we all have a rich literary history to draw from (thanks, Mom and Dad!).

In the afternoon we revisited our favorite books to create found poetry. Searching for the key phrases from our favorite pages proved insightful and challenging. Such beautiful words came to light!

Our annual cover competition has also begun! Every camper has the directions for creating our anthology cover and we’ll soon find out who has the best artistic talent along with being a great writer.

Quote: “When you’re down, the only way you can go is up.”

Lesson Learned: Don’t be afraid to go in the author’s chair.

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