Making Sense of Things

Did you know that neuroscientists have discovered that the sense which is most strongly connected to your memory is the sense of smell? Since our sense of smell and our sense of taste are so intimately connected, it makes sense our ICE Facilitators decided to use memories of food to teach the art of memoir writing.

At the beginning of the day, our campers warmed up by thinking of foods they remember strongly. Then, we elaborated on those memories by providing more sensory details. In the afternoon, we learned about the Ladder of Feedback, and we helped one another add more memorable language to our short memoir pieces.
Finally, we shared and realized that the foods we eat often symbolize important people, experiences, and emotions. The campers also created their working folders, and many of them have already started typing their pieces to be published. What a productive day!
P.S. If campers want pizza, they need to bring one dollar PER SLICE on Friday.
Quote of the Day: “I realized I didn’t just make a cookie; I made a memory.”
Lesson Learned: Climb the ladder of feedback, and you’ll get success.

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