A New Beginning: I.C.E. Shorecrest

Though the day ended in a torrential rainstorm, a tradition at ICE camp, it mirrored the fast current of ideas during the brainstorming for group names, truths, and lies. Yes, we did. We young and impressionable authors told stories about ourselves in truth and lies just like Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me‘s Bluff the Listener game. We had to guess the truth about our fellow campers. A great game and terrific way to learn about each other, but we had more fun making up all the bluffs. As a matter of fact (truth?), many of us campers realized that lying comes easily. Which may be a surprise, although several among us noted that kids with integrity have trouble lying.

We rocked our new purple shirts, appropriate since our group names were inspired by rock bands. Our groups are: The Giant Elephant and Caring Koalas Writing, Eleven Pizzas, Random Bandom and the Potato Plums, and Rosie and the Riveters. By our names, you can only anticipate in the days to come Imaginative and Creative Explorations in writing (see what we did there?)
We ended the day with another camp tradition, the sharing of quotes and lessons:
Quote of the Day: That joke was a pizza crap. (Puns abounded today.)
Lesson Learned:  Random ideas lead to beautiful collaboration.

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