Where I.C.E. Ends, Their Writing Only Begins


Today was the last day of our ICE Camp at Corbett Prep. Nearly 40 campers came together for two weeks to write, share and become a creative community. With the anthologies printed and finally in our hands, we spent some time thumbing through them, reading each others work, looking proudly at our own pages, remembering those great author’s chair moments, and signing our friends’ books. Congrats to Laurel on winning the cover contest!

We thought, with the anthology in our hands, that we were done writing, but no… Mr. Bobby told us about Morning Pages and how everyday we should keep writing (even after camp!) and then we wrote in silence for a long time. Afterwards, Mr. Eric talked about the importance of just getting words down everyday and then taking breaks while your write or revise. So up we went, following him out of the room for a reimagining of Duck Duck Goose called Set the Zoo Loose. It definitely got us moving and gave our brains a break. Back in the room-sweet-room, we brainstormed story starters like the ones our facilitators had been giving us all week. We had to make them ourselves from now on, they said, if we were going to keep writing all summer. We took a look at all the different posters full of beginnings and then wrote some more. After that, Miss Jessica talked to us about how to set up a writer’s notebook, to keep an eye out for ideas.

After lunch and a rain storm it was finally time for the Celebration. In came our parents and friends and extended families. Sophia and Shota MCed, sharing a host of puns (see what I did there?) and one-by-one we each shared a piece we were proud of. It ended with the camp video which had us all cracking up and then… CAKE!!! What camper doesn’t love cake?

It’s been a great camp and we can’t wait to get together again for the fall renewal.

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