Alone on the Stage

Today we took the stage and spoke our mind. What’s on Miss Jasmine’s mind as she leads us in writing and performing dramatic monologues? Denzel Washington. We watched so many of his monologues you’d think she had a crush or something. Adults, am I right? We wrote about everything from the idiocy of stairs to what makes a quality Shakespearean insult. And then we belted them from the stage. No author’s chair today; we stood and delivered with enunciation, presence and body language. We wanted the focus to be on our words and to say them with the power they deserve.

We spent the afternoon on the same sorta thing too (it’s almost like those facilitators have a plan or something…): we practiced reading our celebration pieces: whole group, small group, and finally in partners as Mr. Bob and Miss Mari, our stage-craft experts, put us through the paces of what it takes to rock the reading. It was a fun, free-wheeling day of writing and sharing and even some dodgeball.

Tomorrow Mr. Bob and Mr. Eric promise a morning full of games and writing. Not sure how that’s gonna work…

Quote of the Day: “Fake it ’till you make it!” -Ms. Mari

Lesson Learned: Even one person can say a lot.

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