A Bookish Time

We began the day by breaking out our favorite books and thinking about how our life has been shaped by what we’ve read. We thought about how we’ve evolved and grown over the years through the lens of the words that filled out hearts and minds and from this we created a timeline that began at the first novel that moved us and ended at this moment in time where we are all budding writers in ICE.

The afternoon found us in many different places, mentally and physically. We divided ourselves, some taking refuge to write in the quiet of the lounge with Miss Jasmine, others energetically articulating our ceremony pieces in the art room with Mister Bob, while the rest of us remained in the main room engaged in revision, publication and some more timeline creation for those interested! It was self-directed, wonderful chaos.

Tomorrow, Miss Jasmine leads us in stand and delivering monologues. Another great day at writing camp.

Quote of the Day: “Reading is the reward for the brain.” -Rikhil

Lesson Learned: Don’t do things at the last moment. -Ahren

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