Fantastic Stories and Where to Find Them

Today, Mr. Eric led us into other the worlds of our imagination, creating science fiction and fantasy stories from the basics of what makes those genres tick: common story archetypes, elements, and themes. We took a character to that place where they had been trying to get to for years, that long awaited discovery… and we wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote some more. We spent more time in the author’s chair with more ICE Writers sharing than any other day.

We added rules to make our imaginary worlds plausible and sustainable, then shared in revision groups and prodded each other on with questions to keep us thinking, imagining and writing. The anthologies are coming together nicely, with facilitators working hard to help campers edit and pull together final drafts they could be proud of.

Tomorrow, Miss Mari shows us how the art of imitation leads to more than just flattery. Poetry, here we come!

Quote of the Day: “I’m enjoying tormenting these two people.” (re: characters in her story) – Sarah

Lesson Learned: You can always make another world where the rules are all different.

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