Dear Week One,

Today Miss Jasmine took us to the mail box as we wrote letters to everything from our crushes to the kid who gave us garlic and onion gum (bleh!). Then we switched it around and wrote letters to the opposite person or for the opposite purpose. We had some fun with an activity called “Dear _____ Please ______” which yielded such gems as “Dear Water, I’m cooler than you. -Ice” and “Dear Books, You’ve been replaced. Sincerely, A Major Motion Picture.”

We got to have lots of Author’s Chair time today, sharing pieces we’ve written throughout the week and even some of the facilitators got up to do some reading. The afternoon was full of so much hardwork, revision, and publishing time that we had to take a brain break with a table group competition: Who could write the most convincing letter to Merriam-Webster arguing for the publication of a word they just made-up? The winner? Find out at our ceremony on next Friday, preparations for which are already underway.

Lesson Learned: Find your voice is as an important part of the writing process. ~Molly

Quote of the Day: “Mary and Webster.” ~The Pop Rockin’ People with Pizazz and Platypuses

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