Rockin’ Out in Corbett ICE Camp 2017

On the first day of Writing Camp my facilitators gave to me… a notebook and colorful pen.

And what did we do next? Lied to each other of course! It’s only the foundation of all fiction. And what better way to get to know one another than telling stories about ourselves, only some of which are true. In a new take on Two Truths and a Lie, Mr. Eric let the camp in a version of NPR’s Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me Bluff the Listener game. We heard about alligators on front porches, broken arms, sick dogs, DIY dental care and cannibal hamsters. Fun group, huh?

After some downtime (basketball and soccer for those inclined), we formally formed our groups, but unlike ICE camps of old, this time we all formed bands: Jaz and the Cookie Monsters, Bobby and the Burrito Burglars, Mrs. J and the Hungry Alligators, Pop Rockin’ People with Pizazz and Platypuses, and The Assorted Markers.

Stay tuned to this jamming line-up for all the cool writing to come. Tomorrow, Miss Jessica is going to get us writing poetry and tugging at heart strings.

Quote of the Day “We’re not at School.” ~ Mr. Eric

Lesson of the Day “Freewriting is the silver bullet that kills writer’s block.”

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