I Heart Tuesday


Boy, did we do a lot of writing today. We started off thinking about our neighborhood as though it was an animal and then did some mind-bending perspective changes about how that animal would feel about the people living ON it. From there we practiced our freewriting, creating stories from nothing. Then Miss Jessica had us looking for what she calls “Heart Spots” or “Feeling Places,” those moments in our stories where we can identify a character’s implicit emotions. Campers talked about how to write implicit emotions: how to convey it without sayin’ it. We pushed beyond the basics of sad and mad and glad and… other things that end in “-ad” to think about the complex intricacies of these emotions and what it says about ourselves that our characters were feeling that way. Deep thoughts on this rainy Tuesday…

Campers pursued these deep thoughts and emotions in poetry form, writing from the perspective of the emotion or the character in their story experiencing it. After free time and lunch it was these poems that we brought to our new revision groups, each group headed up by a member of our oldest group “The Assorted Markers.”

Tomorrow, we will all become amateur puppeteers with Mr. Bobby’s ominously titled lesson “Scar.” Puppets beware.

Lesson Learned: Poetry is a creative way to express your feelings. – David

Quote of the Day: “Misery builds character.” – Laurel

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