Announcing TWO New Camps for 2017!

In an effort to expand our offerings and reach, TBAWP Youth Programs is proud to introduce TWO new camps this year.

W.I.N.D. – Writer’s In Need of Direction is a camp for “kids” too old for I.C.E. and ready to just write… and get feedback of course. This is where writers meet other writers, give and receive feedback, and learn together. Held at USF on Tuesday and Thursday nights all summer long, this college-style workshop is for 16-25 year olds. Apply Here.

W.A.T.E.R. – Writers And Teachers Engaged in Revision will be held at USF during the day. Unlike I.C.E. and F.I.R.E., these camps will be only one week long (though, we’ll have two sessions) and will be held at USF at the same time as TBAWP’s Summer Institute for teachers. Every year will have a different theme. In the morning, students will work on craft with facilitators, but in the afternoon they’ll get one-on-one feedback and revision help from the area’s best writing teachers. Open to Middle and High schoolers, this year’s theme is Digital Storytelling. Apply Here.

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